Knowledge Hub: Degree

Knowledge Hub: Degree

Structured Programming Approach

Programming in ‘C’, a very basic & easy programming language, with a strong dataset with functions used to divide program into small modules, implementing the strat Read More

Software Engineering

Software engineering is associated with development of software product using scientific principles, methods and procedures providing an efficient and reliable software product.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data is becoming one of the most talked about technology trends nowadays. The real challenge with the big organization is to get maxi Read More

Parallel Distributed Systems

Computer Simulation & Modelling

Computer Simulation is the art of to create physical and conceptual models or designing the software using tools to create a virtual illusion. The modelling of the desired sy Read More

Data Warehouse Mining

A data warehouse as the name says is a collection of databases that work together. Distributed databases are used to store a database at multiple computer sites to improve data ac Read More

Operating Systems